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God Save Us From The DWP

I wish I could be as optimistic and hopeful as the Department of Work and Pensions sometimes. After taking 8 months to decide whether my multiple, permanent, sometimes degenerative disabilities actually make me disabled a little over a year and a half ago, they've sent me another 40 page booklet to fill in just incase my multiple, PERMANENT, sometimes degenerative disabilities have been cured in that small space of time. You know, just in case.

I'd be less annoyed if I'd been allowed more than 2 sentences of complaining about it before my dad tells me to shut up and 'just fill the bloody things in'. Yeah, in case I decided that I didn't need an income to live on after all, I'd just not fill in the forms again and survive entirely on the limited fund my mum has... just like you, dad!

I handed in my written up Masters project yesterday. All 10,000+ words of it. I wish I'd had more free reign on the word limit though as I had so much more I could have put in the results section - actually interesting, relevant stuff too, not just waffle. It's thanks to the little, teeny things I studied showing far more variance, many more species and lots more trends than even my supervisor had initially expected.

Granted, I'm back to data collection on it again, trying to fill in the sample gaps that my project had due to time limitations. I'm hoping to collect enough that I can do a proper write up and get it published in a journal paper (or papers considering the amount). I'm grateful, at least, that the uni is allowing me to use their equipment still even though my course (barring a final presentation) and supervisor are letting me use the uni's equipment still. High-powered microscopes and associated imaging equipment is expensive.


Oh wow, its been over 3 years since I posted anything here and what a 3 years it's been. Where to start? Perhaps, as it was one of the original points of this blog, I should do a health update. Well, my back is still plodding along, I'm still on tons of painkillers but I'm functional *touch wood*. Actually, the whole hypermobility thing seems to mostly be in a stable state too, which is nice. I'm a little amused, looking back at past entries, that I guessed my sleep disorder diagnosis correctly prior to actually getting it - it is actually hypersomnia (Idiopathic Hypersomnia to be exact) and I'm now on stimulants to control it so I'm no longer doing the awake only 18 hours in a week thing anymore, woo.

My mental health has improved so, so much as I actually got to see a psych and attended a day centre back home for over a year - I am now signed off as a service user (very proud). Still have downs and always will but at least now I have coping mechanisms and support systems in place. One of my current ones suggested starting this thing up again and I thought why not?

The reason for the day centre back home... I never finished my '4th' year at Cardiff. Did all the lectures, got halfway through the year, but the hypersomnia got so bad I did the Interruption of Study thing and as time passed decided I had to get health sorted and cut my losses by walking away with an Environmental Geoscience BSc (half a % off a first, damn it!).

It's not that bad though! I'm actually back in education again, doing a Masters at the University of Birmingham specialising in microfossils (I have a Tumblr dedicated to them now). I started it last September and am most of the way through. It's not Cardiff but I am enjoying the course.

Actually, even in the gap yeaar between the end of my BSc and the start of my MSc I still did the studenty thing by taking some Adult Learning classes in art - also I learned pyrography and the basics of woodworking. I'll ramble more on about that at a later point as I have pics I want to show people.

So anyway, how are people? At least, how are the people who are still using livejournal?

Mixed bag of thoughts

First off, spam person who keeps sending my viagra ads. I'm both single and asexual. If you're going to try to advertise drugs over tinterwebz go and focus it on people who might even have the remostest chance of being interested in your product. (I realise this is kind of a pointless request but meh)

4 out of 5 exams done - just the 4 hour one left to go. Yay -.- I had Global Geomorphology today - my least favourite of my 3rd year subjects as it has absolutely nothing to do with anything else I'm focusing on and it has maths and formulae and GIS but was unfortunately a compulsary module. I think I should get extra points for having to draw my diagrams in Word. I think I've done well enough in each of the exams so far to have at least passed them - whether it's high enough for the 4th year entry requirements... well, fingers crossed.

Speaking of which, it's kind of weird. I'm ambidextrous but write with my right hand but my left hand is more dextrous (no pun intended) and flexible. They still both fall apart every couple of minutes or so but at least they don't hurt as much when they subluxate. I still get people telling me 'don't crack your fingers, it's just air bubbles, you'll get arthritis' etc. It's irritating and I'm kind of tempted to do what they say, leave my fingers alone until they've moved out of socket enough that they start pointing in weird directions (which I've had before) and see what they say. I would do it if it wasn't so hard to get them back in at that point.

My back sounds like my dad got hold of some bubble wrap at the moment. I blame the bed in the uni hall I'm staying in at the moment. It has the hardest matress I've ever had the displeasure of sleeping on and whoever said that hard matresses are good for your back can go to hell.

Oh, and also there's the whole complete lack of privacy when in the bathroom/shower here which is more than a little creepy as it's a mixed gender flat. I only know this through earing the other tenants' voices because I have yet to see any of them despite being here for over a week now. I'm a little proud at this achievement and I'm kind of hoping I can make it the whole ten days being a hermit.


Dear Body,

While it's kind of nice not being tired for the first time this year I really, really wish that you hadn't chose today to do the whole nervouse energy thing. You know, considering I've got that exam thing in just over 12 hours and I've not slept in 24 now.

The Girl Who Wants A Refund


Hi parentals! Hi Bratling!
I suppose I should be more horrified than amused at the fact that my family just told me that they've found thins thing and read through it because they were bored but, to be honest, I have a screwed up sense of humour and there's not much in here they shouldn't have already been aware of. Teenage angst, bitching and bits and pieces of fandom stuff. Meh. Most people's facebooks are more embarrassing. I'm actually really kind of surprised that it's taken them this long to find considering I've mentioned it a few times, shown them entries a few more times and, oh yeah, got a printed version of most of it in my bookcase.

There's not much to say about life otherwise. I have my exams starting Monday so I'll be in Cardiff for ten days. My hypersomnia is getting worse and there's still no clue as to the cause because my MRI hasn't been looked at yet. My blood is normal as usual and I'm still screwed up in the head but at least I have a psych appointment now. The form (which includes describing your family history and relationships as well as past illnesses and traumatic events) is going to be interesting to fill out. As Bratling suggested, I may just send along my printed blog copy with it - it'll probably be easier considering my crap memory.

Jul. 4th, 2012

I have pull-tasselly type things on the bottom of the pajamas I wear to bed. Naturally, this means that I have a cat attached to them if I dare even move. This makes walking both kind of difficult and hilarious at the same time.

The longest two weeks in history

Should I really be surprised at this point that the MRI I had on the 18th of April still hasn't been looked at, let alone sent to my GP for follow up? Or that the consultant's away until the end of the month so it won't get properly reviewed until at least then?

*Sigh* and let's not get started on my 'lost' psychologist referral which resulted in me waiting on a list that wasn't for a year.

You know, just once it would be nice for things to get treated before they reach the point of crippling me in some manner for life.

A moment of silence...

For Ray Bradbury who died last night. Farenheit 451 was something I read a long, long while ago but it greatly influenced my outlook and opinions on things at that age. He was 91 but I think his influence, especially in the sci-fi community, will last for far longer than that.

Jun. 3rd, 2012

'I figure timewise, it's about one crossword per orange.'

I didn't get context but it is sort of good to know that the insanity is genetic in my family.
I know how kind of bad it is to say this but it's so weird having my parents be concerned about me. I grew up, pretty much until last year or so, basically having to rely on only myself and a couple of really close friends in latter years. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have that support now it's there, it's just... I don't know how to react to it I suppose? I'm hardwired now for self-reliance and when things get bad my brain still automatically dismisses the parental units and hearing that they're worried about me when I fall of the radar for a week or collapse in a heap of neuroses like I'm doing now makes me almost do a double take. I don't know and I don't particularly want to know what this says about how my brain works or just how much of the 'big can of worms the psychiatrist didn't want to touch' it makes up. I just wish my subconcious and I got on better so I could actually understand and maybe change how it works so I could be even vaguely functional (like remembering to feed myself and not sleep in 24 hour plus stints) again.

Many Bad Words

I think - no, fairly certain by now - that I'm going to have a repeat of my 2nd year exams this year as well except at the start of them rather than the end. Fuck. Oh, and no housemates to help calm me down properly. Double Fuck. Interesting balance of hypersomnia and insomnia though. The results aren't pleasant.

Well, that's a relief...

No more coursework for year 3. All done. All handed in. Praise whoever's in charge of these things.

Additional: Wait, what? I've just now recieved an e-mail confirming I can have an extension on my Tenerife fieldwork. I now have to hand it in by... 10/4/12. Okay!

Still Alive... ish

Wow, it's been a while sicne I've updated. It's been a busy month and a bit though, I've spent far, far too long in the microscope lab, got to play with a Scanning Electron Microscope, been to Tenrife on my first big field trip in many years, started investigation on my new medical problem...

So my hypersomnia is really causing me problems now, I'm working on basically a 6-5 day week even without the 12 hours a night sleep I generally need. Sugar and caffeine in copious quantities are all that's keeping me running currently. It's not narcolepsy, sleep apnea or my medication so I've been referred to a sleep specialist and a sleep clinic and I get to have yet another MRI tomorrow, of my head and pituitary bits, becausse I think they've run out of things in my blood to test. My school is aware of it because I've had to ask for extensions to my big research project. That's the one I've been playing on the microscopes and SEM for and I've got some lovely pictures as a result - I can't show you then because a lot are featuring in the actual paper.

Ooh, Tenrife! It's the most beautiful, varied and stunning place I've ever been. There were bits that looked like Mars, almost rainforest, almost desert, amazing rocks, evil yet pretty plants and weather I could actually cope with. It rained all of one day and tha't sbecause we were actually in the cloud layer. I'm going to do a separate post with a whole travelogue complete with pictures because I have many of them. It was stupidly tiring and there were times when I had to just stick around the coach because I couldn't do bits of the work but it was work all the effort and pain to go there. Given the choice I'd do it again, no hesitation. Even if it did take me a week to recover...
I really do love Evolving Biosphere. Where else would you be able to make up an invasive 'Sloth moss' species (a lovely symbiotic plant which would turn pretty much every mammal green given the chance) one week then send you out to go and classify ducks/geese the next? Unfortunately, I'm still half-dead from walking around all day because of the latter. Doesn't help that tomorrow I'm spending 3-4 hours in the microscope lab taking photos of my beautiful, pretty, wonderful clam shell. The chairs in there hate my legs and are always making them numb if I'm on them for longer than 5 minutes at a time.

Alas that all uni stuff can't be as fun. I'm currently trying to stop myself from beating my coursemates with sticks as some of us are trying to work and they won't stop shouting. They're right next to each other, why do they need to shout?

Otherwise, here, have some questions asked by the lovely gehayi:

1) Tell me some things about geology (or rocks, or the earth) that you find fascinating.

Oh, so many things. I could wax lyrical about the rocks themselves, whether lava based or ones made up of dead things. I could go on forever about how awe inspiring the whole age thing is or the interconnectedness of it all. Instead, I'll pick the process of fossilisation. This is something that is the nearest thing to immortality. Okay, it's immortality in death and sometimes none of the thing actually remains as it was but still. Over 3 billion years and we can tell you what creatures were alive back then and what they looked like, what they ate, how they lived, because of the fossils that are left. They form some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen - look below here, that's a spore releasing sperm, from 410 million years ago. It still staggers me every time I see it.

Now tell me that fossils aren't fascinating.

2) What do you like best about Pre-Raphaelite art?

Barring the sheer talent of the artists? The dream-like state and the way morbidity is included so subtley sometimes (e.g. Isabella and the Pot of Basil) and even when it's not (e.g. Ophelia), it's still hauntingly beautiful.

3) What are some things that you would deem to be "weird and wonderful"?

Cardiff, certainly. There's a reason why I call it 'The Weird City' - from Rambo: the Opera to love yoghurts being left outside my halls - such bizarre things happen here and it never ceases to amuse me. I actually now have a Tumblr dedicated to this fact at Weird City Sights. Go look at the photos of my beloved city, you know you want to.
Otherwise, ooh! Life. Look at the Burgess Shale fauna and tell me that doesn't define 'weird and wonderful' from Obapinia with its five eyes to Hallucagenia and Anomalocaris - how can you not love it?

4) You have been given the right to uncreate one show (be it one or two parts) or movie/Christmas special/etc. in New Who--or one show, one series of episodes comprising a show or movie/special/whatever in Classic Who. You can replace the uncreated canon with new canon, bring it more into line with existing canon, or do nothing. What, if anything, do you uncreate, what, if anything, do you replace it with, and why?

Ooh, difficult question. That one with Handy and Harriet Jones dying and Donna losing her memories - I'd get rid of that straight away. I hate the whole thing, especially what they did to Donna. And I always liked Harriet Jones, I think she was given a really rotten deal with how the Doctor 'dealt' with her in the Christmas episode. I think she was in the right to destroy the Sycorax ship, it was no less than what they tried to do to us and by doing that it would mean that other species would think twice about attacking us as well. Anyway, we know from previous episodes to that one that she was supposed to ead Britain into the next Golden Age - I think the Doctor screwed everyone by ruining her career because of what he did. I'd like to maybe replace it with the alternat one written by the PPC member I know I think - in my headcanon I like it far, far better.

5) And speaking of the Doctor, you've just stumbled into his TARDIS. He says that he'll take you anywhere in time and space. Where (or when) do you want to go?

Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere. An alien planet - where there's actual life - not necessarily intelligent, I'd be thrilled with extra-terrestrial plant life just as much. I'd love to see what other things can be come up with as, despite the diversity we think we see today, the body plans and types of life we have now on Earth is kind of limited now.

When? If I had to stay on Earth... I'd go to the Cambrian. I could steal myself some trilobites then - I've always wanted one as a pet.

6) What are some of your favorite words? (This can be based on sound, meaning, etymology, etc.)

I actually like a lot of foreign words - Yiddish is always fun to say for example, and German compound words are incredibly useful. I like to use that sort of thing in my fictional languages - Nyathe, for instance, is the concept of both accepting fate but also fighting it. Or Hanah, said almost like a sigh, is acknowledging the present state of things, almost like 'Yes, ok' or 'oh well'. I really like words that are used to show concepts like that - dichotomous, for instance.

7) What book or movie apocalypses just annoy the hell out of you?

Difficult question as I actually kind of enjoy bad movies to some extent... It's when they try to present their science as accurate that it bugs me. So, I can enjoy The Day After Tomorrow these days because few people take it seriously anymore. 2012 still annoys the heck out of me though (next year, I'll be fine with it I expect) as does The Core (which is for geologists what Indiana Jones 4 is for archaeologists).

Anybody else want to play 7 questions? Comment here and I'll give you some.


There's a guy eating chips in the computer room right now - seriously guys, do you know how annoying it is smell wise, let alone how much shit we get from the lecturers because you do that. I suppose I've sided with the staff on this one, sorry (probably not though).

Update:</i> I am now a CCTV camera. Hee. I don't know why I'm so amused by it but I am.


So, good thing and bad thing.

Good thing first.
After a lot of fuss and palaver, I will actually be going on the Tenerife fieldcourse in March/April. This is what I was pondering over the weekend having been asked about it last Wednesday by the organiser. He made pretty good points (especially about fulfilling the learning outcomes for the module which had me worried previously) and really seemed to have thought through how he was going to cope with me. I mean, I can probably do the travelling there and back as long as I'm allowed to rest up afterwards, ditto the coach travel around the island - so long as I can stretch frequently and am not jammed into too little space I'll probably manage. The whole fatigue thing I've got currently does worry me but as there are days I won't be allowed to do - I can always sleep on the coach I suppose. He keeps calling me brave for trying this which is a little weird - I don't feel brave, or scared, or anything at all about it really. I will get to see the weird plants there though which I'm kind of looking forward to.

Bad thing now.
My maternal unit is an absolute moron. She managed to be hospitalised on Monday for malnutrition of all things. My dad and sister found her on Monday morning and thought she'd had a stroke she was that out of it and clumsy. One A&E visit later and it turns out that she'd basically run out of excess stuff for her body to feed itself on a while ago and was now starting to eat the important bits instead. Too much exercise, too little food and sleep basically. I just want to say to her 'I told you so' - the woman still thinks she's overweight even being a size 6-8 at age 56. *eyeroll* See, I can forget to eat for 3 days in a row because I am overweight and have the fat to spare - plus I tend to eat high calorie food when I do eat with lots of carbs and stuff to make sure I don't, you know, end up in A&E. Anyway, she's not allowed back to work again until the doctors say so and I'm of the opinion that she needs to see the mental health people because hers is not a healthy body image.

*sigh* Writing tonight - if I do any I like I may put a bit up here later...
Well, as some of you might have gleaned from my last post, I finished, printed, bound, had signed and handed in my 3rd Year Dissertation yesterday. 'Morphometric varibility in the diatom Thalassiosira lentiginosa' yadda, yadda, yadda (see icon for an example of the bugger if you're at all interested - ok, minus the 'eye') is now complete on my part after far too long. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, found it very interesting and am quite pleased/excited by the results I found but by the end I honestly didn't care any more. I just wanted it in and done with. And now it is.

Now to spend the next few weeks looking down a microscope at (very well made and beautiful) thin sections of clam and scallop shels while losing feeling in my legs and wishing I'd lose feeling in my back.

There's stuff with the Fieldwork component too. Stuff I really need to have a proper serious think about. I'll expand a bit more on the topic after I've handed in my answer next week.

I'm having this weekend off though. I'm not spending it all dead asleep nor am I stressing myself out with typing and shit. My plan, though, is to do vaguely work-related stuff where I go poke the crinoidal limestones at Barry. Because I can.

Milestone reached.

More on my finished! project tomorrow when I'm not half dead.

Anyway, so theoretically would anybody be interested in a free drink at Costa tomorrow around noon while I try and do the socialising and talking to people thing? A comment or text if you're interested would be great. I'm feeling nostalgic for proper conversation...

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Talk to me!

It's really depressing that I have better and more involved conversations with consultants and random 3-4 year olds on the bus than I do with my own parents. What's worse is that when they do decide to actually start interaction with me it's to bitch about each other. Yeesh, I had enough of that when I was growing up so don't act surprised when I actively stop listening to you when you do that.

It was surprising though, to the point of my brain freezing and having to re-process things, when my dad told me he'd be proud of me no matter what I did. Neither of my parents have ever said anything like that before.

Dichotomous Day

Long, long day.

Mostly I had my trip to Oswestry to see The Specialist. There I found out that:
1) I'm now down to 20 stone exactly from the 24 stone whatever I was when I left hospital. Yay. One more to go and the parental units have to buy me a new wardrobe.
2) It's definitely Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome that I have, almost like a definitive case even, rather than any form of Ehlers-Danlos. *shrug* Fair enough. It's properly on my medical record now so all future doctors should, should be forewarned about the whole thing.
3) Doing pretty much exactly what I should be doing with regards to 'treatment'. Heh, treatment. Basically, walking without overtiring myself, the occasional stairs, doing fiddly things with my fingers to keep them agile, eating meals, losing weight. Sensible stuff. I have to do more swimming so I've got do find my way to Maindy Pool and sort out prices and things.
4) Errm, meds. Hey, the hypermobility is the reason I'm pretty much immune to morphine which is actually nice to know. Ditto with all my other weird reactions to medication. The stuff I'm on though, I can up my dose of Pregabalin to 600mg if I need to so that'll make my bad pain days a bit better hopefully and I'm supposed to try and slowly switch my co-codamol stuff to just paracetamol 'cause long-term usage of codine is never good for you.
5) Got some nice paper recommendations thanks to the nice consultant lady. Yay for some nice, relaxing reading for the coach journey back.
6) 'Any problems with sleep?' Pfft, how to answer that one? Luckily, she was the first medical person I've seen who took my problem seriously and had vaguely helpful suggestions. 'Cause seriously, most people couldn't sleep 42 hours straight no matter what and I do it 1-3 times a week with regular 20-24 hour sleep days thrown in between too. Oh, and there's the whole being absolutely exhausted all the time and falling asleep doing things like walking if I try to stay awake for ~10 hours more than 2 days in a row. So thanks to her, and my lovely, darling, regular GP, I'm being referred to a neurologist and tomorrow I'm off for another blood test for weird stuff like cortisol and B12 levels, glandular fever and coeliac disease screening. At least the vampires in the hospital will be well fed.

Other than that, the car decided to catch fire cause of something mucking up the electrics or some shit like that - I wasn't paying more attention to the smoke than the explaination my dad was giving. Thankfully, this was one the way back from Oswestry so I didn't miss my appointment.

Oh, and of course my parents are arguing with each other in their usual way of being snide to each other then making not-quite-nice comments to me about each other. So I'm stuck in the middle but God forbid I make any sort of comment on, well, anything really. Pointing out that, actually, that computer that you're having hissy fits over who gets to use it or not is actually mine for fuck's sake made me feel a little better. Still gald I'm on my way back to the land of polite vocal noise levels and where actual tolerance somewhat exists towards other human beings. Ah, at least they've stopped having a go at me for sleeping so much (I think my many rants and much muttering on the topic may have clued them into the fact that I'm more annoyed by it than they are).

It'll be good to see people again (yay conversation!). Any Cardiff people fancy a coffee or something at the new Costa next to the Students' Union at Monday noonish when I inevitably need a break from dissertation write-up and more caffeine so I don't end up face-planting on the computer keyboard asleep that afternoon?


Kind of. Well, managing would be the best word perhaps to describe how I'm getting on at the Parental Units'. It's honestly amazing how I can track how my mood and health decline together while I'm here. Hopefully I've already gone through my dose of lurgy for this holiday now and can avoid Freshers' Flu when I get back. Ah, only ten days now - I can cope with that. Ooh, and look forward to that Kerrang! Tour gig at the Union in February. Who knows, maybe I'll even get to see old friends as well as the new ones when I'm there too. It does get kind of lonely down here with only family to talk to and most of those are horrible conversationalists. I miss having long, winding and strange conversations about things that... well, anything really. Rargle, stupid anti-social parents.

Oh, I suppose I should say something about all this new LJ nonsense that seems to have mostly passed me by. I've been here now, what, nearly nine years now? I've seen the fuss over removing sign-up codes and the palaver over strikethrough and all things in-between. I don't journal RP anymore and I've never done the whole kink-meme thing. To be honest, I'm kind of gonna stay here, probably even with a paid account. So yeah, I'll miss people who disappear off to wherever's popular these days but pfft, I reckon this won't be the last hoohah I see here by a long shot.

When Fandom and RL collide...

So, it's kind of difficult to explain to my parents why I'm laughing so hard when I see a guy on University Challenge wearing one of the more obscure hitae-ite from Naruto (Yugakure if you're really interested) when I'm only knid of currently reading a fic from that fandom at the same time...

A Thing of Beauty and Wonder

Rambo: The Opera.

No, really. Rambo: The Opera complete with 16 piece orchestra and ballet. I think it may be in the running for the Best Thing Ever because, really, you do not know how awesome this thing was unless you were there. I mean when else in the history of the world are you going to hear things like 'Where's the goddamned chopper?' and 'Bazookered in a cave!' in operatic tenor? Besides that, the music was really very well written and performed so it was enjoyable to listen to even with the weird topic. Very impressive for something written/adapted entirely by a couple of undergrads.

The Special Hell

While there is one for people who talk in movie theatres, there is also a nice sub-section of that for people who do the following:
- try to put another movie on while you're still watching youre
- complain loudly about how they can't possibly wait one whole hour to let you finish
- read out loud from their book while you're watching your film
- (now this is a good one) instead of watching a different movie - play a fucking charades variant that's based on talking loudly
- complain when you ask them to please at least not shout
- complain more when, after the fourth time of asking them to keep it down, you swear
- use the excuse that the reason they're being so loud is because they can't hear the game because your movie is too loud (even if everyone else can hear perfectly well)
- constantly ask how long the movie's going to be
- complain that the movie's longer than you said because you had to keep pausing it during their especially loud episodes
- read more of their book out loud

When one person does all of this? Seriously, what the fuck? This is not including the quite interesting statements of:

'What do you need to hear for, you've got subtitles, don't you?'

and the gem of:

'I don't like black-and-white films; I don't have the attention span for them.'
(a friend commented that this was kind of like saying 'I don't like this book because it's written in Times New Roman'

So, yeah. Guys, because you obviously haven't realised this - the Common Room is for everybody. Just because someone gets there before you do, doesn't mean you can completely fuck up their activity because you're bored. Yeesh, it's not like me and her are in there often so could you, I dunno, maybe let us be sociable in peace? It's no wonder I'm a hermit half the time if I end up with stuff like this happening when I do go out of my room.


Paprika. Great film. Really, really weird and kind of creepy but very effectively so. Plays with dream far better than Inception does and keeps you on your toes to the very end. I thought it played well with Body Dysmorphia concerning one of the protagonists and the antagonist but the latter not as obviously as it showed up to me because I've had similar issues. Okay, I have to rewatch it because there's definitely things I missed considering I have difficulty watching movies and picking out the words at the best of times, let alone when oblivious idiots are being noisy in the foreground. I would definitely recommend it to people.

Good day to be disabled

So someone on the first floor decides not to close the inner dorr of the sorry excuse for a cargo lift we have where most of my lectures take place so after sitting in uncomfortable seating for an hour I have to tromp down three double flights of stairs with my leg and back swearing at me all the way.

Notetaker doesn't turn up, of course, so I enjoy my hand joining in the cursing while I badly scribble down what I can and hope it somewhat makes sense later on.

This added to the inevitable four hours of sleep plus people parked in awkward places blocking off access and all the usual crap people are so nice about.

Blargh, my day's not even done yet. I think I might institute my personal motto again - Quid nuc?

Rawrgle Grrragh

That would be the sound of me trying to curse at whichever, stupid, idiot girl in my halls decided to set the fire alarm off at 3.40am. Okay, I was a little amused by the fact that I was first out of the building again (seriously, people how is that even possible?) but that was offset by the fact that it was 3.40 in the fucking morning and I hadn't taken any painkillers because I honestly didn't think I'd need to scramble downstairs then stand around for half an hour in the not-quite dark or cold. Be thankful it happened this week when I don't have early Wednesday lectures at least else somebody would need to go and hide far, far away.
Links for people, 'cause I said I would:

http://mhalachaiswords.livejournal.com/305200.html - Agent Afloat Atlantis - the SGA/NCIS Crossover where Ziva ships off to Atlantis.

The Fate of the Earth Depends on It, Probably - the Doctor Who/Black Books Crossover where Bernard is the Doctor's illegitimate half-brother.



Dear Neighbour,

Why, really why, do you find it necessary to regularly hoover your room at eleven or later at night? It's extremely irritating - especially if people have lectures on Monday mornings (as I will). There's thing called sleep that I've heard is quite popular with people and I've also gathered that it's kind of annoying when it's interrupted by loud hoovery noises. What is it you're doing in there that makes it so you can't at least wait until the next morning to clean your room?

The girl who's not alseep anymore

Dear Brain,

Hey there, I missed you! I'm really glad you've decided to wake up again and start maybe doing things but could you try and focus a bit more on this year's project and not something that, admittedly, sounds really cool and interesting to do in fourth year?

The person who's been trying to talk to you for nearly two years now

Dear Universe,

If you're reading the letter above too, could I ask why it is you somehow seem to have managed to accidentally picked a follow on project from one of my good friends again? I honestly had no idea what she was doing for her masters (or that she had even changed to do that one) so how is it you seem to? I like the project and all but I don't want to be seen as someone who follows in their friends footsteps all the time, even accidentally.

One of those ones you keep messing around with

Dear subconcious,

Okay, I kind of have to know. Why is it we can walk around Dudley, hive of chavs and villany, without a care in the world barring keys in our hands but Cardiff, even as we're passing the Police Station of all places, somehow now makes you terrified? I warn you now, I might need to walk around in the dark here on my own, especially as winter's is coming heh, so can we sort this out before I end up a wibbling pile of goo outside the psychology building 'cause they might steal us in that case.

Your unhijacked concious for once


Ah, today has been a good day. Wandered down to the Societies Fair to blink at all the new ones floating about. Then scuttled straight over to sign up and volunteer for the Mental Wealth and Creative Writing societies because I didn't mind my routine back at home and those two will mimic it somewhat. That's not what made me grin though. Students with Disabilities still exists! I think I may have confused the girl on the desk by shouting 'It's still here!' joyfully. Oh but I am happy it didn't die off when I dropped off the face of the earth a year and a half ago. Plus, I have all the stuff I collected for it back at home so I can donate things that might help. *bounce* I probably shouldn't be this happily surprised that it's still running considering its Association status but between apathy and stigma I wouldn't have been shocked if it had died a death.

In other news, I'll be seeing Dave Gorman and Joe Bonnamassa live next month, both of whom I've been after tickets for for a long while. The latter especially ever since my dad played his CD in the car for the first time.

Tomorrow will be societies fair again (anyone I know on the sci-fi stall?) before meeting with my department to see if I have to redo my thesis or something equally horrifying. Afternoon is free though - anybody fancy a drink in the new Costa opposite Main Building?