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Dear Neighbour,

Why, really why, do you find it necessary to regularly hoover your room at eleven or later at night? It's extremely irritating - especially if people have lectures on Monday mornings (as I will). There's thing called sleep that I've heard is quite popular with people and I've also gathered that it's kind of annoying when it's interrupted by loud hoovery noises. What is it you're doing in there that makes it so you can't at least wait until the next morning to clean your room?

The girl who's not alseep anymore

Dear Brain,

Hey there, I missed you! I'm really glad you've decided to wake up again and start maybe doing things but could you try and focus a bit more on this year's project and not something that, admittedly, sounds really cool and interesting to do in fourth year?

The person who's been trying to talk to you for nearly two years now

Dear Universe,

If you're reading the letter above too, could I ask why it is you somehow seem to have managed to accidentally picked a follow on project from one of my good friends again? I honestly had no idea what she was doing for her masters (or that she had even changed to do that one) so how is it you seem to? I like the project and all but I don't want to be seen as someone who follows in their friends footsteps all the time, even accidentally.

One of those ones you keep messing around with

Dear subconcious,

Okay, I kind of have to know. Why is it we can walk around Dudley, hive of chavs and villany, without a care in the world barring keys in our hands but Cardiff, even as we're passing the Police Station of all places, somehow now makes you terrified? I warn you now, I might need to walk around in the dark here on my own, especially as winter's is coming heh, so can we sort this out before I end up a wibbling pile of goo outside the psychology building 'cause they might steal us in that case.

Your unhijacked concious for once


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Oct. 9th, 2011 10:47 pm (UTC)
Who hoovers at all? Let alone at 11pm at night?

I feel your pain for the 9am lecture, I have one too.
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