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The Special Hell

While there is one for people who talk in movie theatres, there is also a nice sub-section of that for people who do the following:
- try to put another movie on while you're still watching youre
- complain loudly about how they can't possibly wait one whole hour to let you finish
- read out loud from their book while you're watching your film
- (now this is a good one) instead of watching a different movie - play a fucking charades variant that's based on talking loudly
- complain when you ask them to please at least not shout
- complain more when, after the fourth time of asking them to keep it down, you swear
- use the excuse that the reason they're being so loud is because they can't hear the game because your movie is too loud (even if everyone else can hear perfectly well)
- constantly ask how long the movie's going to be
- complain that the movie's longer than you said because you had to keep pausing it during their especially loud episodes
- read more of their book out loud

When one person does all of this? Seriously, what the fuck? This is not including the quite interesting statements of:

'What do you need to hear for, you've got subtitles, don't you?'

and the gem of:

'I don't like black-and-white films; I don't have the attention span for them.'
(a friend commented that this was kind of like saying 'I don't like this book because it's written in Times New Roman'

So, yeah. Guys, because you obviously haven't realised this - the Common Room is for everybody. Just because someone gets there before you do, doesn't mean you can completely fuck up their activity because you're bored. Yeesh, it's not like me and her are in there often so could you, I dunno, maybe let us be sociable in peace? It's no wonder I'm a hermit half the time if I end up with stuff like this happening when I do go out of my room.


Paprika. Great film. Really, really weird and kind of creepy but very effectively so. Plays with dream far better than Inception does and keeps you on your toes to the very end. I thought it played well with Body Dysmorphia concerning one of the protagonists and the antagonist but the latter not as obviously as it showed up to me because I've had similar issues. Okay, I have to rewatch it because there's definitely things I missed considering I have difficulty watching movies and picking out the words at the best of times, let alone when oblivious idiots are being noisy in the foreground. I would definitely recommend it to people.

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