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Dichotomous Day

Long, long day.

Mostly I had my trip to Oswestry to see The Specialist. There I found out that:
1) I'm now down to 20 stone exactly from the 24 stone whatever I was when I left hospital. Yay. One more to go and the parental units have to buy me a new wardrobe.
2) It's definitely Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome that I have, almost like a definitive case even, rather than any form of Ehlers-Danlos. *shrug* Fair enough. It's properly on my medical record now so all future doctors should, should be forewarned about the whole thing.
3) Doing pretty much exactly what I should be doing with regards to 'treatment'. Heh, treatment. Basically, walking without overtiring myself, the occasional stairs, doing fiddly things with my fingers to keep them agile, eating meals, losing weight. Sensible stuff. I have to do more swimming so I've got do find my way to Maindy Pool and sort out prices and things.
4) Errm, meds. Hey, the hypermobility is the reason I'm pretty much immune to morphine which is actually nice to know. Ditto with all my other weird reactions to medication. The stuff I'm on though, I can up my dose of Pregabalin to 600mg if I need to so that'll make my bad pain days a bit better hopefully and I'm supposed to try and slowly switch my co-codamol stuff to just paracetamol 'cause long-term usage of codine is never good for you.
5) Got some nice paper recommendations thanks to the nice consultant lady. Yay for some nice, relaxing reading for the coach journey back.
6) 'Any problems with sleep?' Pfft, how to answer that one? Luckily, she was the first medical person I've seen who took my problem seriously and had vaguely helpful suggestions. 'Cause seriously, most people couldn't sleep 42 hours straight no matter what and I do it 1-3 times a week with regular 20-24 hour sleep days thrown in between too. Oh, and there's the whole being absolutely exhausted all the time and falling asleep doing things like walking if I try to stay awake for ~10 hours more than 2 days in a row. So thanks to her, and my lovely, darling, regular GP, I'm being referred to a neurologist and tomorrow I'm off for another blood test for weird stuff like cortisol and B12 levels, glandular fever and coeliac disease screening. At least the vampires in the hospital will be well fed.

Other than that, the car decided to catch fire cause of something mucking up the electrics or some shit like that - I wasn't paying more attention to the smoke than the explaination my dad was giving. Thankfully, this was one the way back from Oswestry so I didn't miss my appointment.

Oh, and of course my parents are arguing with each other in their usual way of being snide to each other then making not-quite-nice comments to me about each other. So I'm stuck in the middle but God forbid I make any sort of comment on, well, anything really. Pointing out that, actually, that computer that you're having hissy fits over who gets to use it or not is actually mine for fuck's sake made me feel a little better. Still gald I'm on my way back to the land of polite vocal noise levels and where actual tolerance somewhat exists towards other human beings. Ah, at least they've stopped having a go at me for sleeping so much (I think my many rants and much muttering on the topic may have clued them into the fact that I'm more annoyed by it than they are).

It'll be good to see people again (yay conversation!). Any Cardiff people fancy a coffee or something at the new Costa next to the Students' Union at Monday noonish when I inevitably need a break from dissertation write-up and more caffeine so I don't end up face-planting on the computer keyboard asleep that afternoon?


Jan. 20th, 2012 11:09 pm (UTC)
Sure, text me, 07947 214169

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