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Still Alive... ish

Wow, it's been a while sicne I've updated. It's been a busy month and a bit though, I've spent far, far too long in the microscope lab, got to play with a Scanning Electron Microscope, been to Tenrife on my first big field trip in many years, started investigation on my new medical problem...

So my hypersomnia is really causing me problems now, I'm working on basically a 6-5 day week even without the 12 hours a night sleep I generally need. Sugar and caffeine in copious quantities are all that's keeping me running currently. It's not narcolepsy, sleep apnea or my medication so I've been referred to a sleep specialist and a sleep clinic and I get to have yet another MRI tomorrow, of my head and pituitary bits, becausse I think they've run out of things in my blood to test. My school is aware of it because I've had to ask for extensions to my big research project. That's the one I've been playing on the microscopes and SEM for and I've got some lovely pictures as a result - I can't show you then because a lot are featuring in the actual paper.

Ooh, Tenrife! It's the most beautiful, varied and stunning place I've ever been. There were bits that looked like Mars, almost rainforest, almost desert, amazing rocks, evil yet pretty plants and weather I could actually cope with. It rained all of one day and tha't sbecause we were actually in the cloud layer. I'm going to do a separate post with a whole travelogue complete with pictures because I have many of them. It was stupidly tiring and there were times when I had to just stick around the coach because I couldn't do bits of the work but it was work all the effort and pain to go there. Given the choice I'd do it again, no hesitation. Even if it did take me a week to recover...

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