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Hi parentals! Hi Bratling!
I suppose I should be more horrified than amused at the fact that my family just told me that they've found thins thing and read through it because they were bored but, to be honest, I have a screwed up sense of humour and there's not much in here they shouldn't have already been aware of. Teenage angst, bitching and bits and pieces of fandom stuff. Meh. Most people's facebooks are more embarrassing. I'm actually really kind of surprised that it's taken them this long to find considering I've mentioned it a few times, shown them entries a few more times and, oh yeah, got a printed version of most of it in my bookcase.

There's not much to say about life otherwise. I have my exams starting Monday so I'll be in Cardiff for ten days. My hypersomnia is getting worse and there's still no clue as to the cause because my MRI hasn't been looked at yet. My blood is normal as usual and I'm still screwed up in the head but at least I have a psych appointment now. The form (which includes describing your family history and relationships as well as past illnesses and traumatic events) is going to be interesting to fill out. As Bratling suggested, I may just send along my printed blog copy with it - it'll probably be easier considering my crap memory.

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