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Tales of a Mobile Disaster Area

Betwixt Real Things and Inward Dreamings

9 November 1986
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I'm an ambidextreous, atheistic asexual. I blame this on me being such a big fan of compromise... and alliteration.

Now 25 chronologically. Mentally, it varies from 5 to 55 depending on my mood and physically I think parts of me hit 80 a while back... I'm a Friday child - in that they made me on one five minutes before closing time. Inside you will hear me bitch and moan about various things wrong with me as I am actually disabled now and steadily getting more so over time as the string and wet newspaper keeping me together falls apart. Fear not though as it's still less than those in Real Life have to put up with.

I am actually English, despite what the timestamps on my posts might lead you to believe. I come from the central bit of the country where chavs spawn although I am nothing but a geek at heart. According to the people at home I 'talk posh like' and according to the people here I most certainly sound like I'm from the Black Country. I like to think, as always, that I'm somewhere in the middle.

At college I studied rocks, stuff we do to rocks, stuff making up rocks and computers, just to be different. I'm now in Cardiff reading rocks and the end of the world. I'm a big fan of the apocalypse and am not doing Environmental Geoscience for the people aspect of things. I really like my subject - so much so that I will get distracted by walls (especially bank walls) occasionally. Of course, now that I've been banned from field work do to my being nothing more than a mobile disaster area I'm trying to focus more on the lab side of my subject. Actually, pollen and soil? Really kind of interesting.

I'm a grammar school drop-out; had my first nervous break down when I was 16 and have no wish to repeat the experience - unfortunately, the universe hates me and so insists from time to time that I do. I'm the only person I know to have done Year 11 (the second year and now, oh God, the third year at uni) twice and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I failed to do the whole teenager-y thing in the time normally allotted and so am sort of making up for it now. As such my posts will tend to alternate to being angst-filled to just plain bizarre. Again, it's something that I do in Real Life too.

I try to have deep thoughts about life, the universe and everything but inevitably tend to keep these to myself and instead fill up my journal with complete inanities as is proper. At some point I will get the more serious stuff down... probably at stupid 'o' clock in the morning in one of my bouts of god-knows-what-induced insomnia. The fantasy-land culture describes my philosophy on life as Nyathe: the concept that fate will do whatever it likes but while there might not be anything you can do to change that it shouldn't stop you trying. It at least keeps my life eventful and gives be decent, if sometimes unbelievable, stories to tell.

I read, widely and voraciously and illiteracy is my greatest fear. Well, that and the stone angels which live in the park as a result of a) Doctor Who and b) my meds. I try to stick to various cult genres, sci-fi, fantasy and such, but I am a massive lurker in my fandoms and have probably spent more time reading fanfiction than some people spend reading period.

I get obsessed with whatever RPs I'm in at the time and will slowly start to turn into my characters in Real Life. Even to the point of answering to their names. I'm less worried about this than I probably should be.

I write occasionally; same with drawing. It's all very sporadic but when my stupidly over-active imagination actually pulls its finger out and lets me get stuff down on paper/pixels I get very distracted and unable to do any form of actual useful stuff like notes or coursework. My latest projects can be found in various posts on hyadum until I inevitably lose interest in them. I'd write more but, bored now...

Oh yes, and congratulations. By reading this, you now know more about me than any single one of my family members. Go you.

My mood theme, by the way, was made by the very talented lidi. 'Tis purty.

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