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I really do love Evolving Biosphere. Where else would you be able to make up an invasive 'Sloth moss' species (a lovely symbiotic plant which would turn pretty much every mammal green given the chance) one week then send you out to go and classify ducks/geese the next? Unfortunately, I'm still half-dead from walking around all day because of the latter. Doesn't help that tomorrow I'm spending 3-4 hours in the microscope lab taking photos of my beautiful, pretty, wonderful clam shell. The chairs in there hate my legs and are always making them numb if I'm on them for longer than 5 minutes at a time.

Alas that all uni stuff can't be as fun. I'm currently trying to stop myself from beating my coursemates with sticks as some of us are trying to work and they won't stop shouting. They're right next to each other, why do they need to shout?

Otherwise, here, have some questions asked by the lovely gehayi:

1) Tell me some things about geology (or rocks, or the earth) that you find fascinating.

Oh, so many things. I could wax lyrical about the rocks themselves, whether lava based or ones made up of dead things. I could go on forever about how awe inspiring the whole age thing is or the interconnectedness of it all. Instead, I'll pick the process of fossilisation. This is something that is the nearest thing to immortality. Okay, it's immortality in death and sometimes none of the thing actually remains as it was but still. Over 3 billion years and we can tell you what creatures were alive back then and what they looked like, what they ate, how they lived, because of the fossils that are left. They form some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen - look below here, that's a spore releasing sperm, from 410 million years ago. It still staggers me every time I see it.

Now tell me that fossils aren't fascinating.

2) What do you like best about Pre-Raphaelite art?

Barring the sheer talent of the artists? The dream-like state and the way morbidity is included so subtley sometimes (e.g. Isabella and the Pot of Basil) and even when it's not (e.g. Ophelia), it's still hauntingly beautiful.

3) What are some things that you would deem to be "weird and wonderful"?

Cardiff, certainly. There's a reason why I call it 'The Weird City' - from Rambo: the Opera to love yoghurts being left outside my halls - such bizarre things happen here and it never ceases to amuse me. I actually now have a Tumblr dedicated to this fact at Weird City Sights. Go look at the photos of my beloved city, you know you want to.
Otherwise, ooh! Life. Look at the Burgess Shale fauna and tell me that doesn't define 'weird and wonderful' from Obapinia with its five eyes to Hallucagenia and Anomalocaris - how can you not love it?

4) You have been given the right to uncreate one show (be it one or two parts) or movie/Christmas special/etc. in New Who--or one show, one series of episodes comprising a show or movie/special/whatever in Classic Who. You can replace the uncreated canon with new canon, bring it more into line with existing canon, or do nothing. What, if anything, do you uncreate, what, if anything, do you replace it with, and why?

Ooh, difficult question. That one with Handy and Harriet Jones dying and Donna losing her memories - I'd get rid of that straight away. I hate the whole thing, especially what they did to Donna. And I always liked Harriet Jones, I think she was given a really rotten deal with how the Doctor 'dealt' with her in the Christmas episode. I think she was in the right to destroy the Sycorax ship, it was no less than what they tried to do to us and by doing that it would mean that other species would think twice about attacking us as well. Anyway, we know from previous episodes to that one that she was supposed to ead Britain into the next Golden Age - I think the Doctor screwed everyone by ruining her career because of what he did. I'd like to maybe replace it with the alternat one written by the PPC member I know I think - in my headcanon I like it far, far better.

5) And speaking of the Doctor, you've just stumbled into his TARDIS. He says that he'll take you anywhere in time and space. Where (or when) do you want to go?

Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere. An alien planet - where there's actual life - not necessarily intelligent, I'd be thrilled with extra-terrestrial plant life just as much. I'd love to see what other things can be come up with as, despite the diversity we think we see today, the body plans and types of life we have now on Earth is kind of limited now.

When? If I had to stay on Earth... I'd go to the Cambrian. I could steal myself some trilobites then - I've always wanted one as a pet.

6) What are some of your favorite words? (This can be based on sound, meaning, etymology, etc.)

I actually like a lot of foreign words - Yiddish is always fun to say for example, and German compound words are incredibly useful. I like to use that sort of thing in my fictional languages - Nyathe, for instance, is the concept of both accepting fate but also fighting it. Or Hanah, said almost like a sigh, is acknowledging the present state of things, almost like 'Yes, ok' or 'oh well'. I really like words that are used to show concepts like that - dichotomous, for instance.

7) What book or movie apocalypses just annoy the hell out of you?

Difficult question as I actually kind of enjoy bad movies to some extent... It's when they try to present their science as accurate that it bugs me. So, I can enjoy The Day After Tomorrow these days because few people take it seriously anymore. 2012 still annoys the heck out of me though (next year, I'll be fine with it I expect) as does The Core (which is for geologists what Indiana Jones 4 is for archaeologists).

Anybody else want to play 7 questions? Comment here and I'll give you some.

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