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Mixed bag of thoughts

First off, spam person who keeps sending my viagra ads. I'm both single and asexual. If you're going to try to advertise drugs over tinterwebz go and focus it on people who might even have the remostest chance of being interested in your product. (I realise this is kind of a pointless request but meh)

4 out of 5 exams done - just the 4 hour one left to go. Yay -.- I had Global Geomorphology today - my least favourite of my 3rd year subjects as it has absolutely nothing to do with anything else I'm focusing on and it has maths and formulae and GIS but was unfortunately a compulsary module. I think I should get extra points for having to draw my diagrams in Word. I think I've done well enough in each of the exams so far to have at least passed them - whether it's high enough for the 4th year entry requirements... well, fingers crossed.

Speaking of which, it's kind of weird. I'm ambidextrous but write with my right hand but my left hand is more dextrous (no pun intended) and flexible. They still both fall apart every couple of minutes or so but at least they don't hurt as much when they subluxate. I still get people telling me 'don't crack your fingers, it's just air bubbles, you'll get arthritis' etc. It's irritating and I'm kind of tempted to do what they say, leave my fingers alone until they've moved out of socket enough that they start pointing in weird directions (which I've had before) and see what they say. I would do it if it wasn't so hard to get them back in at that point.

My back sounds like my dad got hold of some bubble wrap at the moment. I blame the bed in the uni hall I'm staying in at the moment. It has the hardest matress I've ever had the displeasure of sleeping on and whoever said that hard matresses are good for your back can go to hell.

Oh, and also there's the whole complete lack of privacy when in the bathroom/shower here which is more than a little creepy as it's a mixed gender flat. I only know this through earing the other tenants' voices because I have yet to see any of them despite being here for over a week now. I'm a little proud at this achievement and I'm kind of hoping I can make it the whole ten days being a hermit.

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