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Oh wow, its been over 3 years since I posted anything here and what a 3 years it's been. Where to start? Perhaps, as it was one of the original points of this blog, I should do a health update. Well, my back is still plodding along, I'm still on tons of painkillers but I'm functional *touch wood*. Actually, the whole hypermobility thing seems to mostly be in a stable state too, which is nice. I'm a little amused, looking back at past entries, that I guessed my sleep disorder diagnosis correctly prior to actually getting it - it is actually hypersomnia (Idiopathic Hypersomnia to be exact) and I'm now on stimulants to control it so I'm no longer doing the awake only 18 hours in a week thing anymore, woo.

My mental health has improved so, so much as I actually got to see a psych and attended a day centre back home for over a year - I am now signed off as a service user (very proud). Still have downs and always will but at least now I have coping mechanisms and support systems in place. One of my current ones suggested starting this thing up again and I thought why not?

The reason for the day centre back home... I never finished my '4th' year at Cardiff. Did all the lectures, got halfway through the year, but the hypersomnia got so bad I did the Interruption of Study thing and as time passed decided I had to get health sorted and cut my losses by walking away with an Environmental Geoscience BSc (half a % off a first, damn it!).

It's not that bad though! I'm actually back in education again, doing a Masters at the University of Birmingham specialising in microfossils (I have a Tumblr dedicated to them now). I started it last September and am most of the way through. It's not Cardiff but I am enjoying the course.

Actually, even in the gap yeaar between the end of my BSc and the start of my MSc I still did the studenty thing by taking some Adult Learning classes in art - also I learned pyrography and the basics of woodworking. I'll ramble more on about that at a later point as I have pics I want to show people.

So anyway, how are people? At least, how are the people who are still using livejournal?

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